​​​About Me...

Now Ruby and George are more independant, I'm able to give more time to my creative side.  I'd like to share being creative with you and teach you to crochet so you too can enjoy making something special yourself. Help you to become more confident in your ability and see you experiment with your new skills. 

My approach is friendly, informal and enjoyable giving you space where you can focus on your crocheting and creativity, gain confidence to further your skills and complete something for pleasure. 

Crochet with me.

Catherine xxxxx


​Hello, my name is Catherine, wife to Michael and mum of Ruby and George.

I come from creative parents, my mum is always sewing and my dad was a photographer. My Scottish Aunty Bunty taught me to crochet when I was a little girl, I did lots of freeform crochet and blankets for my dolls! I have always loved doing anything creative. Colouring-in books and tapestries on rainy days. Cross stitch pictures, knitting and designing clothes.

I Studied Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy at Nuneaton College before following my dad's footsteps into photography, then Michael appeared and we got married in 1994.

From there I've been mum, wife, homemaker, decorator and everything that comes with having a family! along with part time jobs and creative hobbies!

We moved from city to village in 2009 and that's when crocheting really took over.  I love colours, textures, shapes, flowers, beads and fabrics; I love exploring old and new techniques and combining them.  I just love experimenting with it all.